The restaurant of Thursday lunchtime: The Largo

Quebec – My first restaurant on Thursday lunchtime in Quebec City (it was about time, some would say …) is located in the Saint-Roch district, this part of the city that was once in a bad shape but is now well revitalized. Here we are at Largo ,in the New Saint-Roch (which must be written, warns me my accomplice table, Nouvo Saint-Roch). And immediately, we feel good: spacious room with taste, warm atmosphere, long bench right, large bar on the left, works of art on the walls, tables carefully prepared … we know we will have a good time .

The kitchen is to match, nice and warm. As it is already winter in Quebec, which woke up in the snow last Saturday, we both start with the soup of the day, a minestrone that we taste with greed. My accomplice then chose a bib on the grill, which will arrive impeccably cooked, tasty, with small vegetables and fries, an invigorating dish for a chilly lunch. For my part, and even if it is a little overcooked, I will honor the escalope of veal, for the rest well prepared and served with small vegetables and mashed potatoes. For dessert, we succumb to the chocolate marquise, creamy and delicately accompanied by wild blueberries and two open strawberries fan, a pleasure of the eyes to announce that of palates.

My first restaurant on Thursday lunch in Quebec City is an address to remember, especially since it is also a mini art gallery, as I mentioned above, and a jazz club, with several shows. evenings a week.

Good food, contemporary art and jazz: there are all the ingredients to please me. My accomplice table, who knows how to recognize and appreciate what is good, likes the Largo. I can only agree with him.